Gopalpur: Hidden Treasure of Odisha

Smell the sea, and feel the sky, let your soul and spirits fly. – Van Morrison

I chose to visit a beach on quite an off-season but my love for the sea got me to this beautiful beach in the town of Gopalpur, located at about 16kms from Berhampur in the southern part of Odisha. This beach is also known as sailor’s paradise beach. Gopalpur was once a thriving commercial seaport and is famous for its pristine beach. Gopalpur-on-sea is small, safe and less exposed compared to other beaches in Odisha yet it is a wonderful retreat for beach lovers.

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Travelling has been about finding myself, discovering my soul, healing a little. The first place after home that comes to my mind when I think of just relaxing is living by the beach. My family is equally fond of beaches and that is how we settled on driving down to Gopalpur over the weekend. Monsoons were quite calmer than usual in Odisha last year which made my trip a pleasant one. We had booked cottages in OTDC Panthanivas which is Government of Odisha undertaking operating this chain of hotels throughout Odisha for the convenience of tourists. The cottages are spacious and neatly kept with decent food and service. There is ample parking space and lovely walking lanes with greenery all around. The hotel is located at a good distance from the main beach, shops, and eateries. There is also a direct pathway that leads to the beach from the hotel but that is only accessible during the day.

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The accommodation in Gopalpur is reasonably priced, saving the travelers from burning a hole in the pocket. There are plenty of lodges and hotels close to the main beach to suit everyone’s budget. There are luxury resorts, Mayfair and Swosti to name a few for an extravagance stay. Beach tourism is slowly picking up in Odisha and that is how places like Gopalpur have fewer options but again that makes this beach peaceful and unusually charismatic. I savor seafood. The heavenly prawns and crab was delectable.

Odisha has tons of such hidden treasures yet to be explored. This beautiful yet relatively unexplored beach is a sanctuary of pure tranquility gaining popularity by spreading its aquatic magic. There are few attractions nearby that interests people visiting Gopalpur such as the lighthouse, Rambha (Chilika lake) and Taptapani.

I spent my time strolling and relaxing on the beach. I got a chance to spend some quality time with family. While on the beach, I was overwhelmed by unending thoughts but my mind was still at peace. The sea is everything to me. It is powerful, commanding, wild, mysterious and endless.

Beach life

I love to watch the sand sweep. It gives me a feeling that all my worries are washed away. The roar of the waves is music to my ears, gives me the strength to pick myself up and look forward to new beginnings. I have never felt alone or the need to have someone when I’m out there. This feeling keeps me moving. It is truly magical. Come experience it for yourself!

Eat. Beach. Sleep. Repeat in Gopalpur!


Author: Surraiya Rahman

Hey there! I'm Surraiya. My loved ones call me Suro. I have been obsessed with traveling the world from quite a young age. From the time, I stepped out of my hometown, I can barely recall a time when I have let go of any opportunity to travel. Over the years, I have developed deep love for traveling solo and spending longer time in one place. I can safely call myself an incurable travel addict. I truly believe any place can be best explored on foot and I have made the most out of such places. I was born and raised in Bhubaneshwar, Odisha. My current hideout is in Bangalore, a full-time job. I hope to teleport my readers to a new place each time they read my posts on this blog. Enjoy!

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