A solo trip to Hampi-Anegundi, Part-II

On the second day, I rented a scooter that cost me Rs.250 for a day from Uramma homes. It made my commute a lot easier. I started at 6 am in the morning and the first place on my list was Anjeyanadri Hill. From here on, few colleagues from work joined me for the rest of the day. Needless to say, it was super fun.

Anjeyanadri Hills: Starting from my cottage, I followed google maps and with some help from the locals, I was able to reach the foot of the hill. This place is believed to be the birthplace of Hanuman mentioned in epic Ramayana and has a temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman on the top of the hill. There were two trails to reach the top. I happened to take the deserted route and found myself in a no man’s land. After a quick chat with the locals around, figured this trail was better and easier to climb. The regular route is usually crowded and needs one to climb 500 or more steps. The trail that I took was lesser known to people with approx. 425 steps to climb to the top of the hill. I was sceptical at first, considering I was the only one on this route. As I moved forward, I gained confidence and got comfortable with the climb. The directions were marked clearly with the countdown of the number of steps to go. It encouraged me to keep moving. I was able to reach the top in about half an hour without much trouble. The panoramic view from the top was like a flintstone setup but just covering a much wider area.

Pampa Sarovar: Pampa Sarovar is a short ride from Anjeyanadri hills. This beautiful pond is considered sacred because of its mention in Hindu mythology. Quite popular in India for its religious significance. It was good for a quick ride.

Sanapur Lake: We headed to Sanapur lake which is also less explored place in Hampi. People try cliff jumping here. The ride from Anegundi to Sanapur lake will take you back in time with long stretches, boulders and ruins of the temples/forts on both sides of the road. The lush green paddy fields with coconut trees in abundance was a treat to the eyes. We parked our bikes and started walking down towards the lake. The locals there offered us to take a coracle ride. The usual cost is Rs.50 per head but they will charge you a bomb. Be careful and try to get a good bargain. A coracle is a bowl-shaped basket boat rowed with one paddle. These boats can be spotted in every crossing point in Hampi. They have been in use from the Vijayanagara Empire. We took one of these rides for about 30 minutes across the swirling water which was also one of the best experiences in Hampi.

The Hippie Island: Virupapur Gadde or ‘The Hippie Island’ is quite famous among travellers. It is referred to as Hippie Island as this land is surrounded by the Tungabhadra river on all sides. Hippie Island is home to tons of backpackers, solo travellers and all kind of travellers who are looking for a laidback vacation and to relax amidst nature. You can find meet like-minded people, decent food and enjoy the peaceful time.

On the way to the Island, we saw the remains of a Bukka’s Aqueduct located near Anegundi. Water was carried from Tungabhadra to Hampi from here. Every piece that we crossed took us by awe.

Sunrise and Sunsets

The sunrise and sunset are surreal here in Hampi. You can get a mesmerizing view from different places in Hampi. Some of the places that should not be missed either for sunrise or sunset are mentioned below.

  1. At any boat point by Tungabhadra river
  2. Hemkutta hill
  3. Anjanadri Hill

Hemkutta hill is one of the ancient group of temples situated on the hilltop. It is a short climb towards the south of Virupaksha temple. There are a lot of other places as well apart from the ones that I have mentioned. Go ahead and find your favourite spot in Hampi.

Best time to Visit Hampi

The weather of Hampi is hot and dry most of the year. It is advisable to visit Hampi between November to February when the temperature is moderate. Monsoons should be avoided as the boulders will be slippery and the river crossing might not be allowed due to increased water levels in Tungabhadra. Early monsoons should also be okay to plan a trip to Hampi.

How to Reach Hampi?

Flight: The nearest airport is Jindal Vijaynagar Airport (VDY), located near Bellary. It is around 40km from Hampi. Currently, Trujet is the only flight operating from Bangalore/Hyderabad. You can hire a taxi to Anegundi/Hampi and it will cost around Rs.2000, which is an expensive deal.

Train: The nearest railway station is Hospet junction (approx. 13 km from Hampi). There are regular trains for Hospet from major cities and towns. After reaching the station, you can hire a taxi or take a bus or book an auto to reach Hampi. The bus fare is only Rs.15 and is the most economical way to reach Hampi. You might have to wait for buses at times and it might get crowded. A rickshaw from Hospet to Hampi will cost you around Rs 150-200.

Bus: Many buses are running from Bangalore to Hospet, Hampi & Gangavathi daily. It costs around Rs.600 for a 7 hour overnight journey. I had booked GPR travels (Non-ac sleeper) and the last-minute ticket cost me around INR 800/-. The bus was decent and comfortable for an overnight journey. While returning, I had booked Greenline (Non-ac sleeper) which was horrible. Maybe the AC ones are better for this service provider but in Non-ac, the sleeping arrangement was way too discomforting.

If the plan is to visit Anegundi first then consider taking a bus to Gangavathi or contact your hotel to arrange a pick up from Hospet/Hampi.

Where to stay in Hampi?

From my experience and feedback shared by fellow travellers, I was able to list down a few places that could be considered for stay in Hampi. The options at Hampi bazaar side are cost-effective. Rooms are available starting from Rs.500 per night with basic amenities and comfort. Across the river, the stay options are on a higher side but it is worth the experience.

Hampi Bazaar

  • Lakshmi heritage tourist homes
  • Rocky guest house
  • Gopi guest house
  • Padma guesthouse

The Hippie Island

  • Shanti Guest House
  • Mowgli Guest House
  • The Goan corner


  • Uramma Heritage Homes
  • Kishkinda Heritage Resort

NOTE: There are other luxurious stay options around Hampi and Hospet which can be considered as well. I suggest exploring the above options to get a feel of living among the ruins of Hampi.

Must try eateries in Hampi

  • Mango tree
  • Laughing Buddha
  • Gowthami restaurant/ German bakery
  • Gopi roof restaurant

Tip: You will find a bunch of women serving yummy traditional South Indian breakfast in Sagar hotel. Do not miss the Paddu and chutney from this place.

Important things to remember

  • There are 3 boat crossing points and the last boat departs at 5:30/6:00 pm. Plan your day accordingly to avoid paying big to Rickshaw walas.
  • Mobile network is extremely poor, so it is better to keep away the electronic devices and keep the closed ones well informed.
  • There are no ATM’s in Hampi. The nearest ATM can be found in Anegundi, Kamalapur or Hospet.
  • Please carry your medications, if any, for emergency purpose.

Travelling solo in Hampi was my most cherished experience. I found locals helpful and it is quite a safe destination for all the solo female travellers out there. A minimum of two days is required to explore Hampi. Travellers do chill here for more than a week.  If time is not a constraint then you should consider visiting Badami caves along with Pattadakkal and Aihole by hiring a taxi. I have saved this for my next trip to Hampi.

I suggest not to have any fixed itinerary while planning a trip to Hampi. Once you reach there, rent a bicycle or a scooter, explore around. You will be stunned to see every new place and get lost in the stories of the past. Soak up all the history, stories, myth and engulf in the magical land of Hampi, this place will never let you down!


Author: Surraiya Rahman

Hey there! I'm Surraiya. My loved ones call me Suro. I have been obsessed with traveling the world from quite a young age. From the time, I stepped out of my hometown, I can barely recall a time when I have let go of any opportunity to travel. Over the years, I have developed deep love for traveling solo and spending longer time in one place. I can safely call myself an incurable travel addict. I truly believe any place can be best explored on foot and I have made the most out of such places. I was born and raised in Bhubaneshwar, Odisha. My current hideout is in Bangalore, a full-time job. I hope to teleport my readers to a new place each time they read my posts on this blog. Enjoy!

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